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Marine Division

Our Marine division with its fleet of barges, tug boats and floating crane barge takes care of the logistics requirements of our clients as well as supporting in￾house projects division in the offshore construction works. We provide unique solutions with high levels of customer satisfaction. JFAOG recognize customer’s needs and develop quality, health, safety and environmental protection plans, economical services and products to satisfy those needs. With continuing innovative marketing and excellent follow-through construction, GOGAS maintain a strong market position and remains poised for further growth in the future.

This Division takes responsible for managing, operating and maintaining our fleet of Transport Barges, Tug Boats and Floating Barge Crane. It also provides the vital offshore logistics support services to our Project teams and also charter hires the vessels, depending on planned usage.

Our Offshore Prowess

We are ready and capable to handle Oil and Gas related project successfully by applying the best industry standards. Offering an outstanding Marine Support engineering and project support services both in offshore and onshore.

Floating Crane at sea

Our Marine Services Include:

  • Charter of DP-I and DP-II vessel, anchor handling tugs, supply vessel and other offshore support vessel
  • Ship management, technical support and crewing
  • Provision of Manpower for deep water services like saturation diving, ROV services, Remote System Engineering, NDT inspection and survey etc.,
  • Supply of ROV with under water cutting tools.
  • Marine Transportation of construction materials in and around ports & Islands
  • Salvage Operations
  • Construction of coastal protection like breakwater, marinas, jetty repair and Fender Installation etc.,

We Work Safe

JFAOG manages all its operations, activities, and projects sustainably and responsibly and is committed to positively impacting the lives of all stakeholders.

Established in 2022 as An Electro–Mechanical Contracting firm focusing on the Oil & Gas sector in Nigeria bothin offshore and onshore.

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