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Revamp Engineering Service

Re/construction. Modification. Cleaning.

JFAOG also specializes in refurbishing, cleaning and modification of large size Tanks apart from building new Tanks We can also undertake dismantling of complete plants including equipment / piping / instruments / tanks, etc. We are uniquely experienced in undertaking plant modification work in congested working plants and adopt stringent safety measures as demanded by the hydrocarbon industry.

As member/leader of Consortium, case by case, we supply, rent, provision of operations and maintenance of onshore /offshore Rigs. Our Consortium Team has vast experience and references can be furnished with all information necessary to meet specific requirement upon request.


We have a construction team consists of welders, fabricators, riggers, mechanics, technicians etc. lead by qualified and highly experienced supervisors and engineers.

An engineer welding and building a reservoir tank in his workshop

In Partnership Internationally

We're equipped to handle:

  • Off-shore Subsea Works and under Water Projects
  • Refinery Maintenance and Operations
  • Dismantling and Heavy Lift Operations

We Work Safe

JFAOG manages all its operations, activities, and projects sustainably and responsibly and is committed to positively impacting the lives of all stakeholders.

Established in 2022 as An Electro–Mechanical Contracting firm focusing on the Oil & Gas sector in Nigeria bothin offshore and onshore.

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